Royco Engineering

Our Esteemed Clients

01. The Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. MCC, DB, Mimic Panel, P.B. Stn., Dimmer Panel, Lighting DB etc.
02 The Indian Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Drawout MCC, Mimic Panel, AC/DC Em. Emergency Panels, DC Power Supply Panel, Lighting Panels, AC LDB, DC LDB, Relay Panels, HT Protection Panel etc.
03 Blue Star Limited MCC (for AC system) with Mimic & Annunciator Power DB, Capacitor Panel etc.
04 The Wesman Engineering Co. Ltd. MCC-cum-Instrument Panel, JBs & PB Stn. Etc.
05 Webel Power Electronics Limited Power DBs
06 Air Conditioning Corpn. Limited MCC, DBs.
07 Shamon Engineering Corporation MCC PLC Panel, Instrument Panel
08 Andrew Yule & Co. Limited MCC, PLC Panel, ACB Panel, Control Panel, Crane Control Panel etc.
09 Usha Martin Industries Limited Revamping of MCC-cum-Instrument Panel
10 ITC Limited MCC, Control Panel
11 Allied Resins & Chemicals Motor Control Centre
12 Kolaghat Thermal Power Projects LDB, ACB Panel, Drawout MCC,, PDBs, Lighting Panel, JBs, Transformer etc.
13 Simplex Engg. & Foundary Works Ltd. Relay Control Panel.
14 Calcutta Medical Research Institute MCC Panel, DBs, Starter Panel, J.Bs.
15 Exide Industries Limited Resin curing Oven, Chargingtary, MCC, DBs, Control Panel, Cable Tray, PDB, MPDB Paqnel, Top Indicator Cubical Panel.
16 Steelsworth Limited PLC Panel & Control Desk
17 Core Ceramics Limited MCC, APFC Panel
18 Shivam Gases Ltd. MCC, JB, Lighting Panel etc.
19 Airport Authority of India Ltd. Electrical Maintenance of goods lift, escalators belt, conveyor, control panel of conveyor belt at DTB & ITB of NSCBIA. Supply of LT electrical Panel, MV Panel, different sizes of Sign Board Box, Distribution Board & Control Panel.
20 GA Danieli India Ltd. Control Desk, Relay & Control Panel, MCC, Instrument Panel, JBs, PBs, PLC Panel etc.
21 Star Battery Limited MCC, JB, Control Panel, PDB, LDB etc.
22 Tata Korf Engg. Services Ltd. MCC Panel and PLC system.
23 Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Ltd., Salboni Light-up Examination Table.
24 Mecon Limited Relay & Control Panel
25 Megatherm Electrical (P) Ltd. Control Panel, MCC Panel
26 Hari Enviornmental System MCC Panel, Instrument Panel, PB Stn. Etc.
27 Nicco Park & Resorts Ltd. Control Panel for different ride.
28 Siemens Limited MCC with PLC system.
29 Hooghly dock & Port Engineers Ltd., Nazirgunge Works, Howrah. Junction Boxes, Power Distribution Board
30 Paradip Port Trust Feeder Pillars.
31 Paceman Sales Promotion Pvt. Ltd. MCC Panels.
32 Hindustan Lever Limited MCC Panel, Control Panels, Transformer
33 Horizon Hi-Tech. Engicon Ltd. Power Distribution Boards, Junction Box.
34 Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. Soft Starter Panel, Control Panel
35 Kolkata Metropolitian Develop. Authority MCC & Distribution Board
36 Public Health Engineering Dept., W.B. PDB, LDB, Control Panel
37 Hindustan Sales Limited Furnace Control Panel
38 Tata Iron & Steel Co. Limited, Noamundi Iron Ore MCC Panels, Control Desk etc.
39 Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Capacitor Panel
40 Central Glass & Ceremic Research Institute, Jadavpur, Kolkata. LT Panels.
41 Various Sponge Iron Plant, Barbil PCC, MCC, LDB & Control Panels.
42 Durgapur Metalics Ltd., Durgapur PCC, MCC, Control Panel, LDB etc.
43 Sabitri Sponge Iron Ltd., Ranigunge PCC, MCC
44 MA Chandi durga Ispat Pvt. Ltd., Durgapur PCC, MCC
45 Amiya Steel Pvt. Ltd., Durgapur PCC, MCC
46 Nixon Steel & Power Ltd., Rourkela PCC, MCC LDB etc.
47 SKS Ispat Pvt. Ltd., Raipur PCC, MCC etc.
48 Lersen & toubro Ltd., Kolkata. LT PCC, MCC LDB
49 Bhaskar Steel & Ferro Alloy Ltd. LT PCC, MCC, MLDB etc.
50 Sidhi Vinayak Metcom Ltd. LT PCC, MCC etc.
51 Bimaldeep Sponge Iron MCC
52 The Wesman Export MCC, Control Panel
53 Wesman Thermal Engg. Process Pvt. Ltd. MCC-cum-Instrument Panel, PLC Panel
54 Bhagyajeet Trade Combine, Barbil Control Panel, MCC etc.
55 Gem Tea & Machinery Pvt. Ltd. Control Panel
56 Allied Commercial Agencies (P) Ltd., Patna MCC
57 Kasa Exim Pvt. Ltd. MCC, Control Panel
58 Salasar Sponge & Power Ltd. MCC, PCC
59 Birsa Minerex, Barbil Control Panel & commissioning
60 Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. Control Panel, Junction Box, Push Button Stn. Etc.
61 The Kamrup Industrial Gases Ltd. MCC Panel (PLC Type)
62 Fibro Plastichem (I) Pvt. Ltd., Dankuni Power Distribution Board
63 Vision Automation Pvt. Ltd. MCC Panel
64 Ural India Ltd. Control Panel & P.B. Station.
65 UB Engineering Ltd. Junction Box.
66 Shyam Sel. Limited Bus Coupler Control Panel
67 Indo Tossa Pvt. Ltd. Control Panel, Power Distribution Board.
68 IFB Agro Industries Ltd. MCC, Control Panel etc.
69 Mcnally Bharat Engineering Co. Ltd. Control Panel
70 Kish Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Control Panel, Push Button Station.
71 Simpark Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Control Panel
72 Real Time Engineering Pvt. Ltd. VVVF Drive Panel, LPBS Panel
73 Tata Steel Limited, Ferro Alloys Plant, Joda Control Panel
74 Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd. PCC Panel
75 Sarda Mines Pvt. Ltd., Barbil PDB
76 Daga Power Systems & Engineers Pvt. Ltd AC Lighting Distribution Board
77 Pepsico India Holdings Private Limited Supply & Installation of ACB Panel
78 International Industries Gases Limited MCC Panel
79 Kirloslkar Brother Ltd. Total Panel, erection & commission at Gaya Project
80 Bispa India (CPWD Contactor) MV Panel, Essential Panel, Feeder Piller, Loop Box etc.
81 Electrical Investment & Enterprise (CPWD) MV Panel, Control Gear Box, Loop Box etc.
82 RMZ Corporation STP Panel
83 Dutta Enterprise (PWD, CPWD Contactor) MV Panel, Essential Panel etc.
84 J.C. Ghosh & Sons. (Govt. Contactor) LT Panel, Essential Panel
85 GTC India (CPWD, N.F.RLY(Con) wbseb MV Panel, Essential Panel, Loop Box, C.G. Box etc.
86 M.B. Control & System Pvt. Ltd. RTU Panel
87 J. K. Electric Engineering Works. CG Box, Loop Box, MV Panel, Feeder Pillar etc.
88 Premco Rail Engineers Ltd. LT Switch Board, LT Feeder Pillar
89 Global Technologies MCC Panel for export to Saudi Arabia
90 Sethi Constructions Metering Control Panel
91 D.R. Steel Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd. LT Feeder Pillar Box
92 G. R. Packsys Power Distribution Board.
93 Electro Commercial (Barrackpore MES) Feeder Pillar Box & LT Panel
94 Narshing Engineering (Barrackpore MES), ( MES Kolkata Zone ) APFC Panel, Feeder Pillar, LT Panel etc.
95 D.R. Steel (Panagarh MES) LT Panel, Feeder Pillar etc.
96 New Builders Corpn. (Singarsi MES) APFC Panel, LT Feeder Pillar, JBs.
97 DNS Construction (Barrackpore MES) LT Panel, Feeder Pillar, Capacitor Panel
98 Business Sindicate (Barrackpore MES) LT Panel, Capacitor Panel, Feeder Pillar.
99 Bhaskar Syndicate (Jafarpur MES) Feeder Pillar & LT Panel
100 Banerjee Construction LT Panel, Feeder Pillar, Capacitor Panel etc.
101 Sree Rajeswari Infrastructure LT Panel, DB,
102 Associated Industrial Furnace (P) Ltd. MCC-cum-Inst. Panel
103 Roy Construction (Barrackpore MES) Feeder Pillar & LT Panel
104 Marcentile Agency (Barrackpore MES) APFC Panel, Feeder Pillar, LT Panel etc.
105 Pioneer (Barrackpore MES) LT Panel, Feeder Pillar etc.
106 P.J & Co. (Barrackpore MES) LT Feeder Pillar.
107 Vivekananda Traders (Barrackpore MES) LT Panel, Feeder Pillar.
108 Sitaram Construction (Barrackpore MES) LT Panel, Feeder Pillar.
109 A.J. Banerjee & Co. (Barrackpore MES) Feeder Pillar & LT Panel
110 Mahavir Builders ( MES ) LT Panel
111 Kakali Enterprise (Panagarh CEKZ MES) LT Panel, DB,
112 Sandipa Trading Co. (Barrackpore MES) LT job
113 Vishal Enterprise (Barrackpore MES) LT Panel
114 Bharuka Enterprise ( MES Kolkata Zone ) LT Panel, Feeder Pillar.
115 Amarnath Agarwal (Singarsi MES) LT Junction Box
116 A.L Mazumdar (G.Engineer, North MES) LT Panel, Feeder Pillar.
117 Ujjwal Enterprise ( Patna, MES ) LT Panel, Feeder Pillar, KIOSK type panel.
118 SSK Enterprise
Project : Ultratech Cements Limited
PDB, Feeder Pillar
119 A.R. Rural Electricals Project – CPWD, Shalbani BPCL, Malda Depot
High Mast Feeder Pillar

120 Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd.
Project – Kolkata Metro Rail Corpn. Ltd.

PDB, LDB, Outdoor Feeder Pillar
121 Energy Efficient Furnace (Metal & Steel Factory, Ichapore ) MCC cum Instrument panel with thyristor drive
Project – CPWD



MCC Panel
124 Star Enterprise
Ambuja Reality
Orbit Sky
Guwahati Airport
Patna NIT
BPCL, Muzaffarpur
ITC Wimco
Tata Medical
Ananda Bazar Patrika

Fire MCC Panel
Fire MCC Panel
Fire MCC Panel
Fire MCC Panel
Fire MCC Panel
Fire MCC Panel
Fire MCC Panel
Fire MCC Panel
Fire MCC Panel
125 Envirotreat Engineers Limited MCC Panel
126 Porel Dass Water & Effeluet Control Pvt. Ltd.
Project : Rourkella NIT

MCC Panel
127 Unitech Water TEchnoloies Pvt. Ltd.
MCC Panel for STP, WTP, ETP

Sl.No. Description Project / Client Remarks
01 a) 11KV, SF-6, 12 Panel Switch Board - 1 Set. 6.6KV, SF-6, 14 Panel Switch Board - 2 Sets. 3 MVA, 11KV/6.6KV, Power Transformer- 2 Nos. 400KVA, 11KV/415V Power Transformer – 4 Nos. DCDB - 4 Nos. Battery Charger & Battery - 2 Sets.

b) Laying & Termination 1.1KV to 11KV grade cable of different Sizes - 17 KM.

c) Fabrication & Erection of Cable trays, supports, brackets etc. – 17 MT.

d) Making Earthing Stations - 20 Nos.

e) Laying & joining of earthing strips for complete earthing. Installation of light fittings & other luminaries for complete lighting.
New Intake Pump House (River Size), IISCO, Burnpur, Improvement of existing supply system. Completed ahead of schedule & working satisfactorily.

Contact Person : Mr. P.K. Thakur (Managing Director), Hirapur, Burnpur, Dist.: Burdwan
02 a) Dismantling of 3MVA, 11/3.3KV Transformer, Panel Board, Battery Charger etc. Installation of 1250A. 11KV & 3.3 KV MOCB Switch Boards 11/3.3KV, 5MVA Transformer 11/3.3KV, 3MVA Transformer 11KV/440V, 1MVA Transformer PMCC, Control Desk, PDB, LCS etc.

b) Laying, dressing, termination & jointing of HT (11KV, 3.3KV) & LT(1.1KV) Power Cables of different sizes and control Cable - 2,2 Km.

c) Fabrication & erection of cable trays - 10 MT

d) Making cables trenches for HT & LT Cable 1 Km. Earthing Stations - 18 Nos.
Gas Cleaning Plant (Pollution Control) at SMS, IISCO, Burnpur. Complete ahead of schedule & working satisfactorily.

Contact Person : Mr. S.K. Gupta (AGM, Project) Mr. S. Mukherjee (DGM, Project) Mr. A.P Burnwal (Sr. Project Engg.) IISCO, PEDD.
03 a) Installation, testing & commissioning of switches, Bus bar Chamber.

Laying & termination of cables - 2 Km. Installation of 250 watts. HSVP Lamps on 9 Mtr. High Polls - 40 Sets. Installation of 2 x 1000 watt. Halogen lamps on 12 mtr. High Poles - 16 Sets. Earthing Stations - 38 Nos. & complete erection.
J.N. Sports Complex, Shillong,Meghalaya Complete satisfactorily.

Contact Person : Mr. P.K. Mukherjee (Managing Director) M/s Ramkrishan Builders.
04 a) Installation,testing & commissioning of PDB – 3 Nos SPDB - 1 No.

b) Laying, dressing & termination of 1.1KV gr. to 6.6 KV gr. Cu. Cable - 1.2 Km.

c) Fabrication & erection of cable trays - 3.2 MT.

d) Earth Station - 6 Nos.
Exide Industries Ltd. Shyamnagar Works. Completed satisfactorily

Contact person : Mr. A.C. Das (Manager Engg.) Exide Industries Ltd. Shyamnagar Works.
05 a) Dismantling of 250KVA trafo. 800A. OCB & accessories. b) Installation, testing & commissioning of 500KVA trafo, VLE, Switch etc. c) Laying, dressing, termination & jointing of HT & LT Cables. d) Making earthing stations - 8 Nos. & complete earthing Enhancement of transformer capacity to cater to increased power requirement at Exide Industries Ltd., Head Office, Calcutta. Complete Satisfactorily

Contact Person : Mr. A.K. Basu (Manager Purchase) Mr. S. Dutta (Asst. Mgr. Administrative)
06 a) Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 11KV (BECO) 3- Panel Board – 1 Set. 11KV/433., 750KVA Trafo - 2 Nos.
630KV DG Set - 2 Nos.
Main LT Panel - 1 No.
Distribution Board - 14 Nos.
Sub-Distribution Board - 40 Nos.
Motor Control Centre - 7 Nos.
Main Lighting Panel - 1 No.
Lighting Panel - 64 Nos.
Plug & socket - 153 Nos.
Push Button Stn. – 82 Nos.
Junction Box - 150 Nos.
Pump House Panel - 1 No.
Emergency Panel - 2 Nos.

b) Fabrication & erection of cables trays - 20 Mtrs. Erection of GI perforated Cable trays - 2 Km.

c) Making concr4ete Cable trench & back filling – 700 Mtrs.

d) Laying, dressing, termination & jointing of 11 KV to 11KV Gr. Cables - 12 Km.

e) Making earthing Stations - 87 Sets.
Laying & jointing of earth strips - 16 Km.
Neutral earth station - 4 Nos.
Lighting arrestor - 17 Nos.
Chimney earthing - 5 Nos.

f) Lighting & illumination complete

g) Filtration & testing of Trafo Oil

h) Overall testing of relays.

i) Design, manufacturing, testing & commissioning of 400 KVAR RPC system.
Complete electrical works at Star Battery Ltd., Dankuni Coal complex, on turnkey basis. Main Plants commiss-ioned and production started. RPC units commissioned in all three blocks Lighting jobs completed. Other additional jobs in progress.

Contact Person : Mr. S.N. Kjriwal (Managing Director) Star Battery Ltd., Dankuni Coal Complex Dankuni.
07 a) Supply of 150 KVA, 11/433KV Outdoor Trafo, 11KV VLE; 11KV Gr. 95 cable metering panel, 3.½C x 400 1.1KV XLPE cable, materials for 4-Pole structure.

b) Installation, testing & commissioning of all equipment mentioned above.

c) Heat shrink jointing of 11KV Gr. Cable :
Indoor type - 2 Nos.
Outdoor type - 2 Nos.

d) End Termination of 3.½C x 400 1.1KV Gr. XLPE Cable.

e) Liason with WBSEB directorate of Electricity WEBEL for permission & approval of installation.
VAI Automation Pvt. Ltd., BL-EP, Plot-Y5, Sec.-V, Salt Lake Commercial Complex, Cal-91. Completed ahead of schedule & working satisfactorily.

Contact person : Mr. A. Pan (Tech. Director)
08 a) Making earth Station - 32 Nos.

b) Laying of 30 x 6 Earth Strip 1.6 Km.

c) Laying of 25 x 6 Earth Strip 3.0 Km.
Gulmohar Paper Ltd., Dakshinaswar Job completed satisfactorily.
09 a) Design, supply, erection, testing & commissioning of electrical system for 600ºC oil fired furnace on turnkey basis as a complete job. Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute., Jadavpur Complete satisfactorily

Contact person : Mr. S. Sen (Sci.-I)
10 a) Supply of Lighting Junction boxes, field Junction boxes, Power Receptacles, earthing materials GI flats electrodes etc.

b) Cables trays, 600mm, 450mm, 300mm, 150mm - 2500 Mtrs.

c) Laying, dressing, saddling & tagging of power cables 185 to 2.5 - 6500 Meters.

d) Laying, dressing, saddling & tagging of Control cable 3Core to 15 Core x 2.5 - 7000 Meters.

e) Termination & jointing of Power Cables with D.C. gland, lugs etc. - 320 Nos.

f) Termination & jointing of Control Cables with D.C. Glands - 2000 Nos.

g) Erection of 21 panel, 415V, MCC & Control Desk (Alsthom make) - 1 Set.

h) Erection of Lighting J.B.’s along with 7-watt. Sodium vapour lamp & 2 x 40-watt. Tube light complete with fittings & accessories - 126 Nos.

i) Erection of field Junction Boxes - 22 Nos. P.B. Stn. - 29 Nos., Power receptacles - 3 Nos. & L.D.B.’s - 2 Nos.

j) Fabrication & erection of Steel Structures - 5 Tonnes (approx.)

k) Commissioning of all the equipment mentioned in Sl. a – j
Coal Handling Plant of 30 mw Power Plant of Bihar Caustic & Chemicals Ltd., Rehla, Palamau, Bihar Complete satisfactorily

Contact person : Mr. K.S. Nagaraj (G.M. Project) Power Plant Bihar Caustics & Chemicals Ltd. Rehla, Palamau.
11 a) Supply, Laying, dressing, termination & jointing of 3.3 KV, 1.1Kv grade power Control Cables of different sizes :

b) Supply & Installation GI conduit 100 Mtrs.

c) Supply & commissioning of GI earth strip including clamps fixding.

d) Supply, fabrication and erection of angle frame, channel & chequered plates, beams etc. as per requir-ement of client.

e) Supply & erection and wiring of accessories of 5 MVA transformer – 2 Nos.

f) Supply, erection & commissioning of components in 3.3 KV existing switch Board.

g) Supply & placement / installation of safety devices.

h) Supply & erection of Relay panel - 1 No.

i) Fabrication & erection of cable trays & making cable trenches for HT/LT cables.

j) Installation of wire mesh enclosure for capacitor banks.

k) Renovation of 3.3 KV Switch yard & 3.3 KV Switch House.

l) Erection of equipment supplied by purchaser i.e.

3.3 KV Vaccume Circuit Breaker Panel- 1 No.
3.3 KV 400A off load isolator panel- 2 Nos.
3.3 KV Capacitor Bank- 2 Nos.
3.3 KV Reactor- 2 Nos.
Battery Charger- 1 no.

m) Commissioning of equipment, revamped equipment and assistant & system.
National Iron & Steel Co. (1984) Ltd., Belur, Howrah A/C : Mecon Ltd. Complete satisfactorily

Contact person : Mr. Asim Sarkar (DGM Electrical) M/s Mecon Ltd.